Monday, November 1, 2010

Thesis Program

Program concept diagram: Adaptable Space
Although program within a building has previously gone as "form follows function", the idea which leads to building longevity is that of adaptable space. If space can adapt to hold many different functions, it will see more use and diversity within its lifetime. Empty buildings become warehouses, then offices, then art galleries, then dance studios, and so on.
Adjacency of Spaces:
Looking into the breakdown of planned program spaces, I want there to be a blend between private spaces (such as offices and residences) and public spaces (exterior landscapes, markets, and retail).Activities and Circulation:
Associating the private urban spaces and the public landscape spaces led to me thinking about the situations in two different ways: the horizontal and the vertical natures of both. Coming up with potential circulation, there could be an interesting mix of both horizontal and vertical in the blended spaces, interior and exterior as well.